'tis   2003 .

a b o u t - t h i s - s i t e

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w h y - a r e - y o u - h e r e ?

If you skipped my intro letter or plodded through it and still don't have a clue why you're here, read on:

a b o u t - t h i s - w e b s i t e

What you will find on this site are a few examples of what goes on behind the scenes at Ensane Graphics. This venue does not look or behave like a typical website. It shows examples of the various projects and experiments. It's safe to say that it's an interesting collection, and some of my earliest supporters still check in from time to time, so I keep it alive for that reason. That and because it's a nice code archive to refer to! Up and coming HTML'ers - by all means use my code and learn from it, but never steal my graphics ...

On the soap box: It is astonishing that so many mega-orgs spend countless advertising dollars to brand themselves while similtaneously serving up flacid websites that look awfully similar to so many others on the net. Businesses, if you're spending the bucks anyway, make it worth your while and put more original content into your websites. Artists, share what you know with those struggling to learn and in doing so you will raise the level of the bar for us all.

a b o u t - t h e - a r t i s t

This is Lori Flynn's story, CEO of Ensane Graphics, master creator and the person who sweat to get Ensane off the ground and on the map. . .

"I've been an artist for as long as I can remember. I drew with baby food. Rocks. Ice plant (shhh!, don't tell the neighbors!). Then came the discovery of Crayons. Felt pens. Sharpies. Prismacolor pencils. India ink. Rapidograph. Conte Crayon. Designer's Guache. Mice. (No, not real mice.) I'm sure there were other things I drew with too, that's another story...Artists somehow find a way to keep the creativity flowing no matter what they are doing.

The best day of my artistic life was when I had finally earned enough money to buy the biggest set of Prismacolor pencils the art store sold. I took the set home and drew a picture using every last pencil. Maybe someday I'll hang it up in some empty corner of this site. I try to keep moving forward with this artistic journey so that may or may not happen. Who knows where this adventure will lead, but I know the exact point in time when it started, and that's when my Grandmother inspired me to create. The sky didn't have to be blue, it could be any color your imagination could dream up and I could make my car could fly through a pink nebula no kidding!

I loved art then, I love art now. This digital stuff can be a bit of a stretch at times. It is a constant challenge to stay on the cutting edge of this ever-changing technology, but the ride is a helluvalota fun. From the heart, from the soul, wherever it comes from, whatever form it takes, it's all about creativity, individuality and growth. As long as I am given the honor to live and breathe, I'll continue creating in this spirit."

self portrait - me kicking butt and denying what's planned and expected - uh the brainwashing

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