The glowing embers of the fire
Illuminate his face
One more trip into the woods
To the forbidden place
Suddenly a figure appears
Hanging in the mist
He turns to face the ghostly shape
Its face an ugly twist

to be continued...

by Lori Flynn-Goodman

Pumpkin faces smiling down
Evil grins, some sort of frown
Halloween is drawing near
Funny, I don't want it here.
Children dress up for a night
Just to give old folks a fright
Put their candy in a sack
Too bad next year they'll be back
Toilet paper in my tree
Eggs are hurled right at me
Why can't Halloween be nice?
Then we'd want to have it twice
Thankfully the night will end
Damage done and I will mend
Still I wonder why we should
Do this to our neighborhood
Why do Sally, Tom, and Pete
Feel the need to trick or treat?
Other holidays have taste
Halloween's to me a waste

by Lori Flynn-Goodman
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