The Writer


Children will frolic and children will play
For God sakes don't let children get in your way
They're grownups in training, with so much to learn
Be good to our kids there's no bridges to burn.

The future for all of us rests with our youth,
Don't make empty promises, tell them the TRUTH !
Give all that you can from your heart and your soul,
Let children be children and let them be whole.

Remember how you felt inside as a tot?
Most often adults told you how to be not .
Mistakes will be made, yes we all know that's true,
Treat children like you'd like to be treated too.

Faking It

how hard it is to fake it through
when hell is breaking loose
a smile sincere and hold me dear
it's this or pain i choose
in time i guess it evens out
the games we play are real
it sure beats hiding out to cry
no matter how you feel

My Son
I think that it is wonderful
To have a son like you
You're warm and sweet,
And nice and kind,
And fun to play with too!

Human flower

Petals soft
Open slowly
Let sun in
Breathe the freshness
Sip the dew
Stretching skyward
Feeling new
Hear the rhythm
Tidal curves
Washing slowly
Cleansing mist
Wings float freely
Up and down
Rising toward
Our heaven's crown
Life begins here
Dawn brings light
Moving swiftly
Forward time
Beauty unfolds
God's intentions
We are free

Dear Flora

Dear Flora, Dear Flora, it's time to go
How much I will miss you, you'll never know
You've treated me kindly, like one of your own
Without you to guide me, I'd never have known
How it feels to be loved, and loved just as I am
Please hurry back home, please, as fast as you can
I've known of this journey for many a day
I just couldn't face it, I hoped that you'd stay
Your strength and acceptance helped keep me in line
You restored all my faith, so I know I'll be fine
It's hard to imagine one day without you
You're more than a mother to me, it is true
You are my best friend, a sister in ways
Making it easier to get through these days
Flora, dear Flora, it's time to go
How much I will miss you, you'll never know

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